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ANS Fusion Energy Division Dr. Kenneth R. Schultz Undergraduate Scholarship


The ANS Fusion Energy Division Dr. Kenneth R. Schultz Undergraduate Scholarship was established by the FED in 2016 for undergraduate students who have a demonstrated an interest in fusion energy and fusion energy technology.

Dr. Ken Schultz retired in 2011 after a 40 year career as a nuclear engineer at General Atomics in San Diego, working on a wide variety of nuclear projects. These include the Energy Multiplier Module gas–cooled fast reactor development, the Next Generation Nuclear Plant design, and investigation of the use of nuclear power to produce hydrogen for fuel cell vehicle application. He was the Director of General Atomics' Inertial Fusion Technology Division and also Manager of the General Atomics Magnetic Fusion Technology Development Department, and worked on design of their High Temperature Gas–Cooled Reactor. Prior to joining General Atomics in 1971, he worked on boiling water reactor core design at General Electric's Nuclear Energy Division.

Dr. Schultz was also the project manager on the ARIES Tokamak Design Study, the DOE ICF Reactor Design Study, and General Atomics' ITER Plasma Engineering Support task. He was the technical lead on the initial ITER First Wall/Divertor Design and headed the TITAN Reversed Field Pinch Reactor Design, and Fusion Applications Study projects. He has served on several fusion technical policy panels including the Environment Safety and Economics Committee (ESECOM) and the Low Activation Materials Panel. Dr. Schultz previously led similar fusion engineering projects that include the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Small Reactor Design Studies, the Fusion Synfuel Reactor Design, a series of hybrid reactor studies, and the Blanket Comparison and Selection Study. He also directed GA's Blanket/Shield Thermal Experiments, and the design and construction of the Lithium Blanket Module for the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR).

Dr. Schultz received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University (1964), M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, (1965), and Nuclear Engineering Sciences, University of Florida (1971). He is a member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and has served twice on its Board of Directors, has chaired the Technical Journals Committee, has been a member of the ANS Fusion Science and Technology Journal editorial advisory committee, and the Fusion Energy Division Executive Committee. He is a prior chairman of the ANS Fusion Energy Division and an Individual Affiliate of Fusion Power Associates. He is active in the San Diego Section of the ANS and is a Registered Professional Nuclear Engineer.

Sponsoring organization or Individual

Fusion Energy Division

Selection Process

A selection committee will be established by the Fusion Energy Division.

Academic level

Academic level


1 awarded annual @ $2,500/each

Special election criteria, restrictions, and other special requirements (if any)

  1. Students who will be undergraduates during current school year may apply
  2. Students who have demonstrated interest in fusion energy are eligible, this may be demonstrated by having conducted research in fusion or through fusion course work.
  3. Students who are majoring in science, math, or engineering may apply
  4. At least one reference should directly address the student's participation in fusion related research or course work
  5. All references should be professional, no personal or character references will be accepted

Deadline February 1

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