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Joseph Naser Scholarship


The Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls Division established the Joseph Naser Undergraduate Scholarship in November 2016.

Dr. Joseph Naser is a Technical Executive with the Electric Power Research Institute.s Nuclear Power Sector in the Plant Technology Department. Before that he was the manager of the Nuclear Sector.s Instrumentation and Control Program. He has been with EPRI for 41 years working in a number of different areas. His major emphases are in the areas of control and protection systems; human-system support systems; human factors engineering aspects of digital systems, control rooms and other human-system interfaces, modeling and simulation; productivity improvements; and visualization. He is the EPRI lead on the joint DOE Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program and EPRI Long Term Operation Program for the topic area of Advanced Instrumentation, Information and Controls Technologies. He is responsible for over 140 EPRI technical reports.

Before coming to EPRI, he worked at Argonne National Laboratory where he worked in fast reactor physics. One year while at EPRI he taught Nuclear Physics part time at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Naser has worked on several projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) contributing to twenty one IAEA nuclear power plant reports. He has over 300 publications and major conference presentations. He is a Fellow in the American Nuclear Society and a member of IEEE and ISA.

Dr. Naser has a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University in Science Engineering. He has a Master of Science and a Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He received a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Sponsoring organization or Individual

Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls Division

Selection Process

A selection committee will be established by the Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls Division.

Academic level

Undergraduate (Sophomore and above)


1 awarded annually $2,000/each

Special selection criteria, restrictions, and other special requirements (if any)

  1. Academic/research discipline (if any): the Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Controls, and Human.Machine Interface Technologies area.
  2. Special selection criteria, restrictions, and other special requirements (if any)
    • Applicants for the Joseph Naser Scholarship must submit a brief description of his/her long and short term professional objectives.
    • The student's academic interests or research interests are in the Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Controls, and Human—Machine Interface Technologies area.
    • The student will designate the HFIC Division as one of his/her professional divisions.

Deadline: February 1

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