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Robert T. Liner

Dr. Robert "Bob" T. Liner, Jr. attended the North Carolina State University, receiving his PhD in Nuclear Engineering in 1965. Following his graduation, he spent seven years as an engineer at General Electric.

In 1972, he joined what was then a fledgling consulting firm known as Scientific Applications, Inc., now SAIC. During that time, he strongly contributed to several of the pivotal studies that have shaped the nuclear power industry and was one of the key contributors to SAIC's growth in the nuclear field. Liner was a leader in the development and application of probabilistic risk assessment techniques, going back to his involvement in the Reactor Safety Study (WASH-1400) and through the Crystal River Safety Study, the Interim Reliability Evaluation Program (IREP), the Systematic Evaluation Program (SEP), the Integrated Safety Assessment Program (ISAP), and the Individual Plant Examinations (IPE). He made major contributions in the areas of event tree and fault tree modeling as well as in uncertainty/sensitivity analysis and value/impact assessment. His work was, in many ways, instrumental in the advancement of the use of probabilistic analysis techniques in reactor safety and the eventual acceptance of those techniques as a basis for reactor licensing decision-making.

Dr. Robert T. Liner passed in September 1990 at 50 years of age.

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